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Sports Face Painting & Body Art

Sports face painting and body art, is a growing trend amongst fans at sporting events. People love to dress in outrageous costumes and show their teams that they are supporting them 200%. What better way than by "wearing" their colors on their faces or bodies. Advertisers are also seeing the benefit of getting a product or team shown off in dramatic fashion. Face painting has become very popular at many types of sporting events: Soccer, Rugby, Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey

I often get questions from Sports Coaches and Team Owners, wanting to know How to Face Paint a Team Logo on their Fans? I have found the perfect solution! Use your own logo and team colors to create a customised Temporary Tattoo.... You can create any design and any number....

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Face Paint Your Teams Logo

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Custom Temporary Tattoos

This is very handy if you need custom made logos in your teams colors for a specific Event. No matter what the number, size or color. Quick to create and they ship locally in the USA or Internationally.

sports face painting sports fans face painting

Sports Body Painting

The following 2 images were painted by the artist Guido Daniele. Click on either of the images to see more of his work.

Body painting by Guido Daniele

Body painting by Guido Daniele

Soccer Face and Body Painting

In many parts of the world Soccer is more than a sport it is a religion! The passion and energy that the fans and players muster is a constant wonder. Fans come dressed in team or national colors and often face and body painting are colorful expressions of the power and energy of the game. When the football world gathers together in South Africa in 2010 for the Soccer World Cup, the national flags of all the qualifying nations will be in evidence on many a supporters face and body.

Check out our dedicated Soccer page featuring The Most Beautiful FANS from the World Cup qualifying Nations.

Italian fan blows a kiss

brazil face painting USA face painting Korea face painting Germany Italy France face painting

John Vargas Soccer Body Painting

The following 3 images are the work of artist John Vargas. For more of his work click on any of the 3 images to see his website

Soccer body painting by Vargas Soccer body painting by Vargas Soccer body painting by Vargas

Rugy face painting and Body Art

We have a specific page dedicated to Rugby face and body painting.

Rugby Body Art By Yolanda

The following pictures are by New Zealand face painter, and body artist Yolanda Bartram from

body painting by Yolanda

Cricket Body Painting

Cricketer and 2006 Strictly Come Dancing winner, Mark Ramprakash, had his body painted to show key organs which benefit from a high-fibre diet. Fibre can cut the risk of heart disease, boost the immune system, reduce the risk of developing diabetes and help combat cancer.Mr Ramprakash, who won BBC's Strictly Come Dancing in 2006, said: "I'm shocked to learn that 80% of the nation aren't eating enough and fully support the Fibre Foundation's campaign to get fibre back on the agenda." You can find out more at the Fibre Foundation's website sports body painting cricketer cricket body painting Cricketer Mark Ramprakash
body-painted by: Carolyn Roper for the Fibre Foundation.

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