Sparkling Faces

by Vi
(Houston, TX, USA)

Butterflies (click on the smaller images to enlarge)

Butterflies (click on the smaller images to enlarge)

Houston, TX, USA

In the Beginning....]
Growing up all over the US, I have always found a friend in art. My whole family excelled at painting and drawing. But for some reason we all chose "boring" careers sitting behind a desk punching numbers.

Face painting started as a hobby for me. I volunteered for schools carnivals, family birthday parties and pretty soon I was busier on the weekends "volunteering" than I was during the week!

I was doing something I loved and didn't mind the surprise tip from a happy parent every now and then. Friends and family kept teasing me, telling me " you should really charge for this, you would be rich!" ... :o) ... and that was the beginning of Sparkling Faces.


Phone: 832-646-4549
Email: vi(at)

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