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Pregnancy picture? How better to remember your special gift of life, than with a belly painting, of some really fun baby bump Art? Many face and body painters these days are adding belly painting, to the variety of services on offer. This is a great way for pregnant moms to celebrate with friends and family this special gift of life. We have searched the web and come across many stunning examples and pictures by artists across the world. Why not have your pregnancy picture, as a work of art for all to remember? It is the perfect gift to offer at a baby shower.

Look for an artist in your area, in our global directory and get belly painted.

Baby Belly Art (by the master) Jinny Houle

Many regard Geneviève "Jinny" Houle, is one of the top face and body artists in the world. Her pregnancy belly painting is some of the most inspiring one will find. She also offers classes to other artists where she teaches the art of Belly Painting. Here below, is a video clip of her work.

More of her work can be found on her website:

pregnancy pictures
pregnancy picture

Pictures of Belly Painting (I Like)

The following examples of pregnancy pictures are from various artists, (listed below) Click on the images to visit the artists website, or FaceBook page.
Collaboration by Daniel Lasaris and an Artist ( Express It ) To see Daniels work visit: And Click for Express-It

Click to see more by Carolyn Cowan

Artist Carolyn Cowan

Artist Unknown (if you know please mail me) Artist Unknown (if you know please mail me) Belly Painting by Mark Greenawalt

Belly Painting by artist Silvie Vissers (Below)

The Belly Art pictures below are by Silvie Vissers, of StudioKameleon.SilvieVissers

Artist Silvie Vissers (Studio Kameleon) Artist Silvie Vissers (Studio Kameleon)
Artist Silvie Vissers (Studio Kameleon) on FB

More Belly Painting, I Like

The first image below is by Body Artist - Craig Tracy (Click on any of the images to see more from the artist.

The second is a fun image also by Craig of a painted Baby "The Artist" (ok it's not Belly art but it is kind of related...)

The Artist - By Craig Tracy - (Click to see more)
I Love You Always - By Mom Giraffe - By Magna of

The 2 Pictures above by Magna of see more Pregnancy Pictures here.

Are you on FaceBook? Here is a group that has many of the Top Belly Painting Artists .

Artist: Amanda Tozser - Pooh Bear Christmas Artist: Jacqueline van Krieken - Rainbow Creation
Artist: Yvonne Zonnenberg - Strawberry Belly Artist: Yvonne Zonnenberg - YC-Art

The two images above are by: Artist Yvonne Zonnenberg

Are you struggling to fall pregnant? Here is some info that can help, Click Here for details

People ask where they can get Belly Painted, during pregnancy. Have a look for an artist in your area, in our Directory of Face & Body Artists and make a booking, (via the artists Contact details listed on their page).

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