Learn face painting

learn face painting

Who Can face Paint ?

  • Teenagers with an artistic flair with (a nagging desire to earn extra pocket money) make great face painters...
  • Parents who want to connect in a new way with their own kids, while also helping with school functions and events/ school plays etc. (the reward of giving)
  • Work at home parents who need extra income, have been retrenched or cannot find work...(buy yourself your own job..)
  • People on an artistic journey that find the idea of painting a live canvas, a new artistic challenge and adventure.

Getting Started is Easy.....

There is very little to stop one from face painting. The main barrier is a fear to try, and a fear to fail. Both can be overcome with the courage to do your best, and have fun giving joy to others. The "Pro" face painters I have spoken to and met, seem to love their jobs. Not surprising since entertaining and making people, (especially kids) happy, is a joy. To be paid to do this (often at a reasonable hourly rate, for a talented artist) is an added bonus and pleasure.

Mark Reid (a famous face and body painter) has a signature on his emails, which sums up my point: "If I can make a difference in the life of a child even for just a day, my life was worth living."

All one needs to start then is:

  • Quality Face Paints. Please make sure you start with a good professional grade face paint. (dump the cheap acrylics) They are harder to paint with, look terrible, and are uncomfortable to wear. (no one wants unhappy customers!)
  • Some Training. These days there is a lot of Free information online, with zillions of sites and Youtube tutorials. The problem is who has the time to dig through all that info? If you want to get going quickly with trusted information, I recommend these 3 face painting books: (available in electronic e-books or physical books) 1) 3-D Face and Body Painting Jewels and Necklaces

    2) A Face Painter's Professional Tools & Tricks

    3) 500 Tips and Tidbits to Boost Your Income

    4) Bejeweled (New) What I really like is that all of the books have the first 10 pages available as a free download, (so you can preview the content before deciding to buy). Pre-view the first 10 pages of the learn face painting Books for free
    Also Lilly is a respected Face Painter in the industry so she offers solid information.

Some feedback I have had about the training...

Here is what Tina mailed me.

"Thanks Andrew!

Lilly's ebook is very good. I find that it feels like a friend is sitting down with me to talk to me about this business and giving me insight into tips and tricks that work. I really like it a lot and I like your site a lot too.


If you do use these books why not leave a comment, on how you found them, below in the FaceBook comments, or via the Contact Us Page.

Lilly Walters painted by Lynne Jamieson

You can own a successful Face Painting Business!

If you learn face painting you will find, it is a great business for someone who is:

  • Creative
  • Loves kids
  • Can work fast
  • Free on weekends
  • Is looking for extra income

Step One: If you decide to start on this journey use the Contact Us Page and let me know your progress. Also join our FaceBook Page, to get daily inspiration from artists across the globe. Practice your face painting daily, (if possible) at home with your own friends and family.

Step Two: Make sure you have some quality face paints and offer to paint for your next school function for free. That will give you a real boost of positive energy when you see how the kids and people love your work. (Besides it's a great way of giving something back.)

Step Three: Put the word out in your community that you are available to face paint for parties and functions.

Step Four: Get Listed as a Face Painter in your area. I host a Global Directory of face painters, so submit your contact details, plus 4 of YOUR pictures Submit for Free Note: Invest in good photos for your work. Take time to practice and submit only your best work once you feel confident.(Do not steal pictures off other artists, this will come back and bite you). This would be your worst possible start, since the artists around you may be your competition, (but it's best if they are also your friends). They have learned the business (the hard way) and you can learn much from more experienced artists.

Step Five: If you are going to face paint for money, make sure you have some Public Liability Insurance. The last thing you want is to be put out of business with a legal claim and expensive lawyers fees. (see our page on this for detailed Information)

Step Six: Make sure you have your customer communications and Phone messaging/ Email / Capture form, well organized. Be sure your clients do not get frustrated, trying to contact you (so be professional).

Step Seven: Many services offer free websites. Start one with a link through from your listing on this and other sites. A quick way to get leads and customers is to Start an Adwords campaign to bring people looking for face painters to your site. (Read up on Adwords and watch their videos)
Anna Wilinski also offers some very honest and great advice in her Blog for those starting out face painting.

So what do I need to do ?

I recommend you start with the books: "Learn Face Painting". It is a relatively small investment for the on going income it can bring for your family.

Learn face painting

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