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Are you a Face Painter? Our website aims to build a global resource for the face art world. One of our goals is to build a global "face painters directory". Submission to the directory is Free and we would support the site by adding various adds to the site. This will have an advantage to the face artist of no setup fees. People looking for an artist, should find most face and body painters listed. We plan to give preference to the accredited artist, so as to have a quality listing. People will also be able to leave comments so a kind of peer and customer review should emerge in time.

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Are you an established artist, or up and coming Face or Body painter looking for some more on-line exposure? Do you have a great new creation of yours to share with the face art world? As long as it really is yours, Share it!
(Add a link to your site in your text description. If the link works we will add it back to your site) The advantage of this directory is that it is free for the artist to list. This Directory offers clients anywhere on the globe, a way to search and find artists in any region or city.

Directory of Listed Artists

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Freebird Body Art Not rated yet
Cologne, Germany Face and Body Painting is a transformative experience for all people. First, It allows two people to interact in a performance …

Fine Lines Face and Body Art Not rated yet
Leipzig, Germany 5 Zwingende Gründe, eine KINDERSCHMINKERIN für Ihren nächsten Anlass einzustellen 1.All die lächelnden Gesichter Ihrer …

Kinderschminken Traumzauber Not rated yet
Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany Ob Spiderman oder Schmetterling - jedes Kind liebt es, in eine andere Rolle zu schlüpfen. Mein …

Professionelle Gesichts- und Körperbemalung Not rated yet
Ebersberg, München, Deutschland Südöstlich von München lebe ich meinen Traum der Malerei und Kreativität. Seit 1998 bin ich freischaffende Künstlerin …

Schminkerlitzchen by Iris Greeb Not rated yet
Dillenburg, Hesse's Gießen, Deutschland Buchen sie die Spezialistin für farbstarke Akzente auf der Haut. Außerdem gebe ich Kurse, um mein Wissen …

Bodypaint Art Not rated yet
Rostock, Berlin, Hamburg, Germany Face- und Bodypaintings vom MakeUp-Artist Claudia Kraemer aus Rostock. Eine ganz besondere Spielart meiner …

Aloha Kinderschminken Not rated yet
Munich area, Germany Vom Kindergeburtstag bis zum großen Firmenevent, Aloha Kinderschminken ist in Bayern (Großraum München) buchbar und bringt …

Schminkschwämmchen Not rated yet
Sankt Augustin, NRW, Germany Situated near Cologne/Germany. (Kinderschminken im Rhein-Sieg-Kreis) I started my face-painting business last …

Face Painting by Dana Not rated yet
Miltenberg, Germany My name is Dana Schmoll, and I live in Miltenberg / Germany. I am experienced with Face Painting , glitter & temporary Tattoos …

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