Kinder en Theatergrime Sandbox

by Sandrina
(Ostend, Belgium)

Kinderfeestje zomer (Klik op de kleine foto's om te Vergroten)

Kinderfeestje zomer (Klik op de kleine foto's om te Vergroten)

Ostend, Belgium

Specializing in creative face-painting entertainment for children and adults.

We are available for a variety of occasions and events, including:

* Birthdays
* Carnival
* Market and fair
* Children's Theatres
* Hospitals
* Petting zoos
* And many more!

A range of fantastic designs are available:

Fantasy figures, glitter, flowers, lion, dog, mouse, cartoon characters eg. (Spider Man), Indians, pirates, princesses, monsters, Dracula, creeps, tattoos, etc.

* Professional and anti-allergic cosmetics that are easily washable, are used.

For more information, a quote or to have a look at our portfolio,

Kinder en Theatergrime Sandbox:


Gsm: 0477 98 38 89

E-mail: sandrina.rosseel(at)

Tel: 0477 98 38 89

Facebook: Kinder-en-Theatergrime-Kids-and-theatre-make-up

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