by Anna Lee Wilinski (Clash)
(Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA)

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Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

I opened this store to help you find paints and tools that will make your face painting faster, fun and more professional. I know that there are many places to find face paint products. I intend to only stock hard to find items that you will want in your kit!

I am proud to sell Diamond FX paints. They are new to the United States, and can only be purchased by a handful of retailers as of yet.

I am also eager to get Rainbow Pots of amazing color combinations out to you to enjoy!

Anna Wilinski (Clash) started to paint faces when she was 10 years old. She has been working in Michigan and California running her own family entertainment business since the age of 18. She started teaching others to face paint in 2004 at the EMFCM conventions, and she has continued to teach classes around Michigan at alleys, guilds, schools and organizations.

In 2009 Anna opened after a love affair she started with a new face paint brand in the U.S. market, Diamond FX. She also was going wild making her own rainbow cakes and posting demo videos on YouTube showing people how to use them. She decided to sell them on her site, and now you can get her hand made combos or the ones finally produced by Diamond FX. You can even request your own color combinations!

Anna has a daughter, and she is married to a very talented fella named Santiago, that she met as a result of the Body of Art fundraising calendar she created in the fall of 2009.

Anna LOVES talking about face painting, so if you ever need to chat it about it, contact her!


Telephone: (269) 598-5436
Email: anna(at)
Blog too at:
Online shop:
Facebook: JestPaintcom

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