Free Face Painting Ideas

If you are looking for free face painting ideas or just starting out and you want to know how to start face painting, here are some free face painting ideas and designs to get you going. Firstly simple kids party face painting, (for young kids) is not difficult. If you are a mom you are probably already using make-up yourself and that is really all that the quality face paints are. If you are not a mom with make-up experience you probably have some artistic ability from school days of art lessons or drawing or painting. Even for those who have not a stitch of artistic ability, you will be able to follow the simple instructions and tryout your first free face painting design.
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Free Face Painting

What You Will Need (Get started Face Painting)

  • Set of face paint (see our Face Paint Shop for a selection of different brands of paints and accessories) This can be a little bit overwhelming since there are tons of different suppliers. Some of the brands of professional face paint are reasonably priced and are much easier to use than the cheap acrylics. Stay away from the "craft paint" types of face paint and rather start out with a professional grade of face paint. Snazaroo for example offers a small startup palette at a reasonable price to get you going and you can order it online.

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  • Set of soft paint brushes of various sizes. Again our online shop, or your local art supply store should be able to help in this regard.
  • Set of small throw away sponges and tissues and cotton wool. Ear buds and back of a match stick are also useful for making dots or fine lines.
  • A mist sprayer and glass of water for the water soluble face paints.
  • A comfortable chair for your model and one for yourself, plus a small table for your supplies
  • A mirror to enable your model to view their face once completed.
  • Bucket of clean water, soap and a towel, for washing of any excess paint.
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    Free Face Painting Designs and Ideas

    The most common designs that kids love are varied and follow whatever is popular at the movies and on TV at the time. The old classics are animals, fairies, super hero's, scary monsters, butterflies, bugs Etc. Kids colouring in books are a great resource for simple designs. Also the favorite story books are also good since it is a familiar design that the child feels safe with, especially for young children. Some kids just don't like being painted at all and kind of feel like you are invading their space. Don't force these kids but rather see if they would like a small pattern or temporary tattoo on their hands or arms.

    Free Face Painting Spider Man

    Face Painting by ~Yamil-Medina on deviant

    Here below are links to free designs, with step by step illustrations, to help you get going. In the examples given they use a "pencil" (some face paints come in stick forms kind if like different colour lipsticks) If you only have pots of paint use an ear bud or match head dipped in paint to start your lines.

    Bratz Doll Face Painting

    Click on the Image or link, to check out how to paint a free
    Step by Step Bratz Doll.

    Party bratz doll face painting

    Bling Tiger Face Painting Tutorial

    Free Brilliant Bling Tiger Face Painting Tutorial

    Alien (Monster) Half Face

    Free Alien Monster Half Face Tutorial

    Pop Art Dinosaur

    Free Pop Art Dinosaur Tutorial

    Metalic Masquerade Mask

    Free Gorgeous Masquerade Mask Tutorial

    Fairy Mask

    Free Fairy Mask Tutorial

    Realistic Butterfly

    Free Realistic Butterfly

    Vampire Face Painting

    Free Vampire Face Painting Tutorial

    The White Tiger

    step by step clown face painting

    TAP Stencils Review - How to Video

    Airbrush Tattoos

    Free Airbrush Tattoo Video

    Circus Face Design

    Free Circus Face Tutorial

    Creepy Zombie Monster

    Free Creepy Zombie Monster Tutorial

    Princess Design

    Free Winning Princess Design

    Mermaid Mask

    Free Face Painting Mermaid Mask Video Tutorial

    Spooky UV Owl in a tree

    Free UV Owl in a tree design

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