FancyFace - Face Painting

by Bryony Harrison
(Thanet, Kent, UK)

FancyFace Wild Cat (Click on smaller pics to enlarge)

FancyFace Wild Cat (Click on smaller pics to enlarge)

Thanet, Kent, UK

FancyFace provides excellent entertainment from age 3 upwards; children (or adults) can let their imagination run wild to be transformed before their very eyes. Fancy-Face will paint their features to make them look like fancy creatures!

Keith had a clown at his party; Leon had a clown, a pirate, a princess, a tiger and a dinosaur!! Not to mention a few glittery butterflies, two unicorns, a snow leopard and a puppy!

I'm not sure who enjoys it more, me or the children! I love painting faces but what really makes it special is watching their faces when their new look is revealed in the mirror! When a little girl’s eyes light up seeing herself transformed into a special princess!

Fancy-Face paints faces at festivals, parties, weddings, fêtes and family corporate events and promotions. Guaranteed to be bright and fun to help keep children under control and happy, thus relieving pressure on their parents and party organisers.


Email: facepainter(at)
Tel: 07789 727898
Facebook: FancyFaceUK

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