Face Painting Video (A collection of Videos)

Face Painting Video, I found these awesome Face Painting YouTube Videos and DVD that teach the basics of face painting. Be a cat... a panda... or a butterfly. With a little face paint and imagination, your animal transformation can be quick and easy. Learn how to paint eight different full-face designs: Cat, Dog (2 variations), Panda, Monkey, Butterfly, Rabbit, and Tiger.

face painting video animal faces
face painting videos

The following collection of videos are mostly embedded video clips that play off YouTube and Google Video. If you are viewing this site from a strict corporate network, you may not be able to see or view these videos. (due to blocking of content) In that case, come back to the site at another opportunity when you are on a private internet connection. The content of the videos cover topics related to Face, Hand and Body Painting.

Mark Reid "Famous Paint on Jeans"

Guido Daniele's Amazing Hand Art

James Kuhn. Face paint in motion. Some favorites.

Agostino Arts:TRANSFORMATIONS Face & Body Painting

World Body Painting Championships 2010 & 2011

World Body Painting Championships 2009

Highlight World Bodypainting Festival 2009

Indian Kathakali Face Painting Video

Cultural Face Painting (The Omo People)

Step-by-Step Butterfly Face

Self Portrait Face Paint

How To Do An Animal Face Painting - Kat Sinclair

Face Painting:
How To Do An Animal Face Painting

Brian and Nick Wolfe @ ScareHouse

Dan Dunn PaintJam

It's not face painting, or is it? For more; (once you have watched the video clip) go to Dan Dunn's website

Stencils-Eyes (Airbrush by Donna Nowak)



Are you ready to cross that bridge with your airbrush skills to create innovative designs for your party faces, special effects, sport game faces, and more? Watch airbrush artist, Donna Nowak, demonstrate the mechanics that enable you to create effects that will set you apart from all the rest. This 65 minute DVD shows you how to bring together the best face painting and airbrushing techniques for designs that will give you a leading edge. You'll never see faces the same way again. The DVD covers: Stencil curves Quick designs Color theories Airbrush maintenance Cheap tricks Prosthetic application

Craig Tracy Body Painting Gallery - The Last South China

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