Face Painting Ideas

Have a look at some face painting ideas and pictures that are a little different and inspiring. On this page we have assembled a collection of face painting ideas, in picture form to give inspiration for those face painters looking for something different.

Hot Lava Cat

This design is pretty unique and different and is a nice change to the zillions of cat and tiger faces.

hot lava cat

James Kuhn - 365 days of Face Painting Ideas (part 2)

365 face painting ideas - James Kuhn

James got the inspiration from photo exhibitions of a picture a day. His 365 creations range from cartoon characters and animals to his favorite foods. The Picasso of face painting has plastered his mug with a menagerie of images including Tweety Bird, King Kong, movie monster Hannibal Lector, zebras, and leopards.

But perhaps most striking are those of food — transforming his face into a giant box of pop corn, a cheeseburger, pineapple, frozen TV dinner, shish-kebabs, and even a cornucopia.

“I saw other 365′s but they are self-indulgent or just plain silly.” said James. “I wanted to take it to a higher level.” “Face painting is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long while!”

Based out of Three Oaks, Michigan, US, James takes his inspiration from anything, including children’s games, and loves to paint on everything, including flesh.

“Art should never be a product.” says James. “It should be a gift of love and a prayer. Art is silly, and fun, and can be powerful and sacred.”

“I do show in galleries, but selling should never be your motivation for creating art.” James adds.

Jeans Face Painting

Here is the amazingly creative art work, of Priscila Dionis, of Spain. Here is a great example of her work from the World Body Painting festival 2007 in Austria.

Face painting idea of jeans face

Protest Face

As a face to protest against war this is really effective.

protest face painting idea

Fire Breathing Dragon

This fire breathing dragon design is nice for a young child where you are not wanting to scare everyone with some sort of gory horror face.

Fire breathing dragon face idea

Double Face

What a great idea: to paint a second face over the first. "I used to be schizophrenic but now I am not so sure" :-)

Double Face

Fairy Face

face painting idea fairy

Here is a fairy example, painted by Popsi the clown Popsi the clown

Mark Reid

Mark Reid is a world-renowned face and body artist, famous for his ability to transform the human face and form into works of fantasy and illusion. In the face and body art world he is a legend and highly sort after. View his gallery to get some serious inspiration from his awe-inspiring creations.

Mark Reid face painting gallery
Click to see Mark Reid's face painting gallery
Click to see Mark Reid's face painting gallery

Christopher Agostino

Christopher has been painting faces at events for 30 years. Along the way he gathered a group of artists to develop facepainting as an art that can transform an entire event, and not just the person being painted. His company goal is “to transform events by transforming individuals with facepainting practiced as a very creative interactive art (rather than as a craft or commodity) thereby giving the wearer a subjective experience of a new identity, enhancing the whole event, elevating the public appreciation of facepainting and allowing the facepainter to be an artist.” He has been researching and developing facepainting styles based on traditional art from around the world. He paints these faces now as part of his general repertory and feature them for special events with cultural or international themes.

Click on the larger images below to see his gallery for more face painting ideas, on his website.

Theyam face painting idea
horse leopard face
traditional art facepainting
Kubuki eagle face painting idea

Christopher is also an author of books on the subject of face painting. They are available through his website: www.agostinoarts.com

Face Painting Books available on Christophers website

Have you ever thought of Making Money Face Painting?

Maine coon cat face painting idea

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