Face Painting Fairies

by Fairy Heather (Heather Sharma)
(Scotland, UK)

Facepainting Fairies at work

Facepainting Fairies at work

Scotland, UK

BA Hons degree in Art & Design, MBA in Business. Been face painting for years in connection to my work as a costume designer for theatre film, and TV. Since having my kids, face painting changed from an occasional challenge, to a regular feature of all the parties my kids attended.

I just really love it! Can't think of a more beautiful canvas to work on than a little kid, sitting there smiling at you.

My team and I go everywhere dressed as lovely Fairies with big sparkly wings and seasonal flowers in our hair. We love everything to do with Fairies and love the hope and joy it brings , even to grown ups!

The further we travel to a job the better. Every job for us is an adventure and we always find fun to do on the way there and on the way back.

We've recently started doing jobs on behalf of other painters who can't make it, and we have to agree to wear black t-shirts....which is quite hard for us. However, with the addition of TIARAS and Wings, it seems to help get into the festive spirit of face painting. How can you get too serious about that. At the end of the day. it all gets washed off when they go to bed.


Email: heather(at)facepaintingfairies.com
Telephone: 01324 626 244
Mobile: 07828 491 147
Website: www.facepaintingfairies.com

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