Face Painting Examples

As a global face painting resource we have looked all over the place to find interesting face painting examples. We also included some fun stuff and some incredible HAND ART. Check out these pictures. Are you looking for interesting face painting ideas? Why not Make Money Face Painting?

My Current Favourite Wacky Example

Nicole and Yolanda of BodyFX the mother/daughter team moved from the Netherlands to New Zealand, 8 years ago. They had many years of experience in Make-up and Body Art of European standards and we decided to share our passion and knowledge with the New Zealand public. Here is a cool and fun face painting picture that I like.

Face Painting by Yolanda

Pretty Clown

Fabrizio from Derby Face & Body Painting sent me this cool image. They are happy to travel anywhere in the UK, and their artists carry CRB checks, Public Liability insurance, and use FDA approved paint. They also specialize in Caricatures.Tel: 07940177460 or Tel: 07854911447

painted by Derby Face & Body Painting

Airbrush Face and Body painting

The airbrush has become a great tool for body painting designs and temporary tattoos. An airbrush gives a very different feel and look to a traditional paint brush or sponge.

Airbrush painting of an eye on a head
Airbrush temporary tattoo by
airbrush face painting by Pashur

Carnival Faces

carnival faces
jester face
carnival checker face

Funny Fish Faces

I first saw this on a website but have since seen it poping up all over the place. I would love to find the artists and know if they have their own website.

fish face painting example
fish side kiss face paint
fish eat me face paint
fish eat each other face painting
fish fight face paint

Bratz Doll Face

Bratz Dolls are the rage with young girls these days, I thought this was a simple yet great face painting example for face painters, looking to paint young girls. Forget Barbie, Bratz are cool. Click here if you are looking for a step-by-step Bratz face painting instructions.

Bratz doll face painting

Arty Teen Face

Face painting on teenages is normaly a process of finding a topic that they enjoy and then just being creative on that theme. Let the creative juices flow and paint examples of things they like.

Arty teen face painting
Arty Teen Face Painting

Deviant Artwork

I like this example since it has a dreamy feel and yet is precise and beautiful.

face painting by_cypherx

Tattoo Face

tattoo face painting examples

Lobster Face

This example of a lobster face is pretty random and fun. Nice and different.

lobster face painting

Ethnic Face Patterns

ethnic face pattern
ethnic face

Multiple Eyes

I am not sure who inspired who, but with the Pirates of the Caribbean II movie, this multiple eye design, (like Captain Jack Sparrow on the cannibal island), is again, a very popular design.

Johnny Depp as Capt Jack
"Cannibal chief" captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack lots of eyes

Double eyes face painting
Kids with captain Jack pirate eyes painted on their faces
Captain Jack with multiple eyes

Dracula Sucks

Dracula sucks face paint
dracula face painting example

Hand Art

Click through to our HAND ART page for more amazing examples of this form of body art.

Hand art of Guido Daniele

Hand Art Video Clip of Guido Daniele's art works

Guido Daniele's Website

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