Face Painting Designs

Many artists starting out look for face painting designs, that will spark the inspiration to get going, and create that master piece. At face painting fun what we have done is to follow the work of many of the top professional face and body painters from around the globe. We have created a FaceBook page, where we share the designs we like. It is quick to like the page and from then on see the pictures and videos appear in your news feed. 

From the common butterfly, and monsters, to henna and body painting. Even body graffiti and glamour make-up make it into the feed, along with the odd product information, or video tutorial.

Party Designs

Mom's or parents looking for a face painting design, for a themed party will find this page helpful in finding inspiration. As a face painting site, we always recommend hiring an artist in your area, from our face painters directory. Some who are artistic and adventurous may want to try their hand at face painting a design themselves. The rest of this page features a few artists with exceptional designs.

Daizy Design

Diazy Design face painting, is a Wellington, New Zealand based artist Christy Lewis, of Kapiti Coast. Her designs have caught the attention of some of the big names in the industry in the USA. Here below are a few of her designs that I really like. You can see more of her work on www.daizydesign.com or www.facebook.com/DaizyDesign ...

Daizy Design Tiger
Daizy design turtle
Daizy design bee
Daizy design

Face painting designs for kids

Kids love face painting, so finding designs that suit the child and the life event requires real creativity and passion. Company corporate events can really come to life with profession face painters. Kids and adults will be blown away by the fun carnival atmosphere created when children are transformed into mystical animals and beings from another realm. It's such a joy to see the delight on a child's face when they get to see the result of a masterful face painting designs.

What face paints to use?

If you have ever tried buying a cheap face paint, you will very quickly see it is a waste of money... (no coverage and it is difficult to work with..)

On the other hand using a profession face paint is such a pleasure not only for the artist, but the model too... There are many great brands on the market these days offering a huge variety of colors and textures, plus many brands also now also offer the multiple colors in one tub. (for rainbow and multiple color shading effects)

Our site offers information and lists the popular brands and even has an on-line shop where buyers can find many of these products and supplies.

Ronnie Mena Art

Ronnie Mena does some really interesting designs. Based in Los Angeles, his individual style has lots of people in the industry taking note. His precise line work and detailed shading are very impressive. If you like this work, you can follow him on his facebook page: www.facebook.com/ronniemenaart ,or on Deviant Art: ronniemena.deviantart.com

Pixies Face Painting - (Jenny Saunders)

Jenny Saunders or "Pixie" (her trade name at kids Fairy parties) is a talented Australian based artist working out of Melbourne. Her work has featured on the cover of Illusion magazine, and her designs to promote products for Silly farm. For many her work is bright and beautiful, with exquisite design and line work. Here below are some examples of her work. If you would like to see more she has a website: www.pixiesfaces.com and Face-Book page: pixiesfacepainting

Trina Merry - Body Art design

Trina Merry is a talented body artist from the San Francisco Bay Area, who paints internationally. She understands the temporary art-form that is body art, (to quickly paint a human, living canvas model, and then capture this moment in time with expert photography). Her work shows a dedication to researching and understanding her subject matter, and then precision painting to produce wonderful results. Below is one of her recent commissions that had many images and videos going viral. More of her work can be found on her website or Face-Book page.

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