Face Painting Designs For Kids

Welcome to face painting designs for kids page.  With so many different types of designs, we decided to create a page specifically mums who are looking for a simple page on simple art that are fast and easy to learn.

Colourful Twist Entertainment

Image by Tal Peleg

Face Paint in Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Apply the base colour/colours with a wedge sponge.  Use the  lighter colours before the darker ones.

Step 2

Draw the picture or details with your brushes and then colour it  in.

Step 3

End with finishing details, such as glitter.

TIP: Put the child's costume on BEFORE you start to paint. It will help prevent silly smudges and possibly doing it all over again.  What you want is to enjoy whatever face painting designs for kids you will be doing, so make it easy for yourself as possible.  Practicality is a key!

How Do I Apply & Remove Face Paint?

Before you start your fun, first keep a few things in mind.

Step 1 - Patch Test

For sensitive skin, make use of a twenty minute patch test before you paint on a full face. For a patch test, properly apply the paints to a one by two inch patch on the inside of the child’s elbow. After twenty minutes, remove the paints with only water and wipe dry. Try to notice anything that might be of concern. All the proper and well known face paints that are hypo-allergenic will read so on the product, so be certain to read before purchasing.  

Step 2 - Bringing the sponge or brush to the paint

Slightly dip the brush or sponge in water.   Blend it with the face paint.

Step 3 - The order of applying the face paints

On most face painting designs, you will always need to begin with the lighter colours, and move on to the darker ones.

Step 4 - Loading the paint

The most repeated mistake in face painting is that  not enough paint is loaded on the brush. It should be from the tip to the head. When you use a sponge, do apply the face paint like shoe polish, until you have colour coverage.  Then pat the sponge on the face for an even coat. If you are unsure, try it on your hand a few times before applying it to the face.

Tip:  The amount of water

The amount of water needed for the paints will vary depending on the pigments used.  For example, white and black paints will require less water than bright colours, such as blues, pinks, oranges, greens, etc.

Step 5- Removing the face paint

Most face painting products will wash off easily with mild soap and water, no matter which face painting designs for kids you do.  You may also use baby wipes to wash off.  Avoid using low cost baby wipes, because they can cause irritation to young children's skin.

Tip:To Remove from Clothing

You can wash the clothing by the hand in cold water.  Normal soap or pre-washing agent will do just fine. Do not throw it in the washing machine, nor use hot or warm water.  And lastly, keep it away from delicate fabrics that absorb pigments, such as silk.

For more advice on Face Painting, visit our  Face Painting Tips page.

Easy Face Painting Designs For Kids

We know that mums' lives are tremendously demanding.  That is why we want to help you as much as we can to enjoy painting your little ones' faces as much they enjoy being painted.  So, whatever face painting designs for kids you will be doing, make it as easy for yourself as possible.  Here are some of the best simple designs. 

Halloween Face Painting Designs for Kids

“Jack-O-Lantern” pumpkin

With a fun orange pumpkin costume, it could really do the trick

Step one

Take a damp sponge and dab it in orange paint.  Now apply a base coat over the entire face, but leave a clear area in the top corner of the forehead.

Step two

Use a small brush to draw the stem of the pumpkin in dark green face paint within the clear area that you left.  Add squiggly lines as leaves.

Step three

Also use a small and clean paintbrush as well as black face paint to draw black lines down the face as to make the creases on the pumpkin.


The Wolfie

Have this fluffy scare howl around your Halloween party!


Step 1

Use a light grey face paint and a paintbrush to paint  a ‘Y’ shape over the nose.  Roughen the edges as to create a fur effect.

Step 2

Use a damp sponge to apply light brown face paint around the middle of the face, beginning from above the eyebrows and down to the top of the lip, avoiding the eye area.  Create a similar fur effect as in Step 1, all around the outside of the face.  Use the light brown face paint for this.

Step 3

Now paint fangs with white face paint on either side of the mouth. Paint black above each nostril, leading towards a point just above the lip. Using a thin paintbrush, outline the entire design with black face paint. Avoid the eyes and lips.

A Witch Face

One of the great Halloween face painting designs for kids is a particular one for the girls.  This witchy look has both scare and dare in it, making it lots of fun, especially if it is completed with a costume!

Step 1

Use a moist sponge to apply a layer of Dark Green face paint on the whole face to create a base.  Leave the area around the eyes.

Step 2

Take a brush and Dark Grey face paint to fill in the upper eyebrow areas.  Form a line of dots over each brow. Now add two dots on each upper cheek. Use the brush to draw a big dot in the centre of the right cheek.  The big dot will be the body of the spider.

Step 3

Now, take Black face paint, and draw a thick line over each eyebrow.  Add long lashes rising up between those grey dots. Form a line underneath each eye and then crease lines at the outer corners. On the left cheek, take a fine brush and draw a cobweb. Then, on the right cheek, finish the spider by outlining the grey dot and adding three legs on either side. Finally, paint the lips with dark green face paint or bright red face paint.  Complete the witchy look by adding a dot on the end of the nose, just off-centre.  There you have it!


Birthday Party Face Painting Designs for Kids

The Sparkle Butterfly

Spring is here and flowers are in bloom.  How about having a pretty butterfly fluttering nearby?

Step 1

Take a moist sponge and dab on Sparkle Lilac face paint in the form of butterfly wings all around the eyes as well as across the cheeks and nose.  Fade towards the bottom.

Step 2

Then use the Metallic Silver face paint and the sponge to dab on the rest of the butterfly wings across the cheeks and nose. Blend carefully into the Lilac paint.

Step 3

Take Black face paint and the a small brush to draw decorative swirls around the entire design. Now add the small petal shapes on the outer corner of each eye, as well as on top of the nose.

Step 4

To complete,  add a sparkle by using Silver Glitter Gel for face painting.


The Pirate

Some of the good old face painting designs for kids come in the very familiar packages, such as a Pirate kit!

Step 1

Use a  Light Brown face paint and a fine or small brush to paint on bushy eyebrows, a thick moustache, as well as a small beard all along the jawline and up to the ears.

Step 2

With Black face paint, put on a second layer over the brown, now filling in the gaps. Also use the black face paint to draw an eye patch over one eye, of course while the eye is closed. Then paint the string by drawing a black line diagonally across the face.

Step 3

Finally, with Bright Red face paint, draw a scar line on one of the cheeks.  Create stitch lines across it with Black face paint.


The Rabbit

The face painting designs for kids cannot get any sweeter than this little rabbit!

Step 1

With a moist sponge, apply White face paint onto the top part of the face from the top lip up to the eyes. Create ear shapes onto the forehead. Now paint a white patch in the centre of the lower lip.

Step 2

Use a Bright Pink face paint and the edge of the sponge to dab on patches of colour on the outer edge of the cheeks, as well as the ears, and on the end of the nose. Blend it carefully into the White face paint. Paint the remainder of the lower lip, using a small or medium brush.

Step 3

Take Black face paint and the fine or small brush, to draw crease lines at the top of the nose and the corner of the eyes. Paint a centre line down the top of the lip.  Add dots and little whiskers. Now, paint the top lip and form a line on the bottom lip to create two teeth. Complete by draw a heart outline on the end of the nose.


Face Painting Designs For Kids Tutorials

Cupcake Design by Silly Heather

Spring Bunny by Karen Blacher

Face Painting Designs for Kids Credits:

Karen Blacher

Silly Heather from FABA TV



Face Paint Tutorials

Andrew Face Painting

Maike Karrer Make Up Tenerife

Tal Peleg

Colourful Twist Entertainment

Maike Karrer Make Up Tenerife

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