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Are you looking for a face painting convention, or body art groupings in your area? Have a look at various gatherings of face and body artists, for galleries and contact details of the top artists. Register for the conventions to learn and meet many of the best artists from across the world. Visit and learn the latest tips and techniques form some of the most skilled teachers. Get to meet and learn from the top artists and people at the conventions and watch them compete internationally, for top honours in various categories.


Members of the association represent many aspects of the face and body art Industry. Face and Body Painters, Henna Artists, Temporary Tattoo Artists and Airbrush face and body artists are all eligible to join C.A.F.A.B.A. By joining the Canadian association you are setting yourself apart, setting yourself up as part of a growing professional association which aims to bring together professional topical skin artists, in a sharing community of individuals who can learn from each other, network and together, grow and raise their standards.

CAFABA and the canadian convention

BODYSSEY is the name given to the Canadian Convention.
The last Convention was held in Toronto, Canada on: August 27 – 29th 2010

The Canadian Convention:

BODYSSEY 2012 Celebrating Canadian Living Art is still being planed

Contact Information

Liz Mortlock
Phone: 403 202 3228
Email: bodyssey(at)telus.net
Marion Brown
Phone: 519-580-1201
Email: bodyssey(at)rogers.com

Face and Body Art International Convention

Since 2001, the Face and Body Art International Convention - FABAIC, headed by renowned artist Marcela Murad, has been recognized as the original and premier event for the Face and Body Art community.

The FABAIC Convention "Bring on the Bling" took place in 2010, from May 26 - 31 , in Orlando FL. In 2011 The Convention - "Painters in Wonderland", celebrated its 10th year. In 2011 it was held in May 25 - 29, (also in Orlando FL).

FABAIC Convention - Painters in Wonderland

FABAIC - 2012 - Bollywood Bazaar

FABAIC Convention - Bollywood

Face Painting and Body Art Convention - FPBA

The official FPBA Las Vegas Convention took place in 2010 and 2011. In 2012 the Convention dates are planned for MARCH 11 – 14, 2012

FPBA Convention 2012

European Face And Body Art Event

European Face And Body Art Event

Register for the 2012 European Face And Body Art Event

The costs are: For the International instructors: € 300,00 Postclasses (full day workshops): € 150,00 (EFABE participants only pay € 100,00)
For people who want to learn the face paint trade, we have put together a separate workshops with Dutch instructors, who will teach you the tricks of the trade! The costs are: € 200,00 After registration you will receive an invoice, which is also your confirmation.
Email: info (at) eba-foundation.com Website: European Face And Body Art Event

World Bodypainting Festival

The World Bodypainting Festival held their first Asian Event in August 2008. (The first having been historically held in Seeboden Austria) This event with the same structure as Seeboden, Austria was held in the World Cup Stadium in Daegu, South Korea. The 12th World Bodypainting Festival ® Seeboden, Austria was held from the 13 - 19 July 2009. The 13th World Bodypainting Festival took place from the 12 – 18 July 2010.
In 2012
Dates: 2 - 8 July 2012.
Phone: +43 424521637
Website www.bodypainting-festival.com
Email: world (at) bodypainting-festival.com

world body painting festival

UK Face and Body Painting Convention

2012 - 10th Year Celebration

UK Face and Body Painting Convention

The Biggest Gathering of Face Painters In The UK.
The first convention was founded in 2002 by Rosey Jones (Now Watson) to bring together similar people from Face and body painting backgrounds and all ages to have fun, learn and share ideas with each other. The UK Face and Body Art Conventions brought the very first Face painting convention to the UK and offered many classes over several days. The Convention is famous for it's organisation, international instructors and the amount of classes arranged. Each year the convention has gone from strength to strength, and in 2012 a bigger delegation team has been arranged, to make the show run at it's best.
The 2012 convention will be celebrating its 10th year. This is an opportunity to meet new friends, learn the latest techniques with 27 amazing instructors, join in LIVE competitions to win prizes, and share your ideas. New artists are always welcome to the convention.

Facebook: UK-Face-Painting-Convention
Website: www.facepaintingconvention.com
Email: sales (at) rainbowfaces.co.uk
Phone: 01952 606099

Jamvention (Face & Bodypainting meetup)

Jamvention (Face & Bodypainting meetup)

FIP was founded through a collaboration between Belgian and Dutch facepainters, with the goal of raising and maintaining the level and quality of face and bodypainting. This then became the JAMvention and this year will be the ninth edition of the JAMvention and will take place on 21-23 October 2016.

Festival of Colours

Festival of colour or "Festival der Farben"

The Face Painting Convention "Festival of Colours" is in 2012 changing focus, after loosing money the last few years.
Invitation for the 6. International Festival of Colours 2012
René Reiche's idea is, that he would like various artists to come up with four designs for the festival. Two designs should be very successful when you're painting on fairs and shows and simple enough to get caught in four steps. Two more designs should be high-end designs and should represent you and your style. Last thing he needs is the artists bio, (how one came to do face painting, and why you love your job, your philosophy and everything that you think is important to mention about yourself.) The idea is to create a book "Creative Facepainting " that is a cross-over of an instruction (the step-by-steps), a coffee-table book (high-end-designs) and yellow pages (that's what the bio is for). Artists will have the chance to be part of one of the most successful and enhanced face painting book-series that will be published. This will be a great marketing tool for the artists involved. Once printed, all participating artists could buy the book for the wholesale price.
30 Artists will be chosen to participate, in 2012, with a deadline of March.

face painting convention - festival of color - Evelina Iacubino

The Masquerade (Face Painting Convention)

The Maskarade face and body painting

The Masquerade took place in 2010 and 2011.

The Masquerade organization is part contest and part meeting place for body painters and face painters. It is also a meeting grounds for people from the event line of business who seek good make up artists and body painters for their events.The Masquerade organization has many contacts with the world's best body- and face painters, both domestic and international. The Masquerade manifestation is unique in it's kind in Holland. There is no other event in Holland of this sort and caliber as the Masquerade. At no other event in this country do so many international body painting- and face painting artists come together as in Venlo during the Masquerade.

Details and changes are available on their Website: www.maskerade.org

La Fete - Face and Body Painting Event

La Fete New Orleans - Face and Body Painting

The 2011 LA Fete was the 5th Annual Face and Body Painting event that was hosted in New Orleans, Louisiana. The event began when Susan Pierce and Renee Domingue invited painters from across the country to come down to south Louisiana and eat gumbo with them. Enough people replied that they would, indeed, LOVE to come down to eat AND paint.

The name LA Fete is short for Living Arts (LA) and "Fete" meaning festival or a party. LA Fete became a four-day "jam session" for painters to share and collaborate their talents to create new ideas, and work on old ones to make them fresh again. In 2007, many artists were able to try body painting for the first time and get direct help from other artists that had more experience in this field.

Also part of LA Fete's history is a chance for all participants to volunteer for a community painting event. The first year was spent painting in Lafayette in a local park, and in 2008 LA teamed up with the Audubon Zoo during their Earth Fest to provide entertainment for kids. LA Fete collected tips and donated money to Children's Hospital of New Orleans.

As if four days of painting weren't enough, there's also the food that makes this event unique,(special authentic Cajun and home-cooking dishes for everyone to enjoy throughout the Fete). The only thing more fun than painting with old friends is eating a meal with new ones!

The 2011 event took place in March from 17th-20th. The 2012 event is planned for March 14-17 2012

Details and changes are available on their Website: La Fete - Face and Body Painting Event

The Australian Face Painting and Body Art Convention

Australian face & body art awards

ABAA & Convention Dates

Took place in 2011 and is due to take place again in 2012.
The event has four parts to it;
COMPETITIONS 19th, 20th & 21st of April - Face Painting, Thursday evening. Body Painting, Friday & Saturday during the day.
SHOWS, AWARDS & AFTER PARTIES - 20th & 21st April - Painted Model's stage performance, Awards presentation & After Parties.
THE CONVENTION - 22nd, 23rd & 24th of April - Over 60, 90min classes to choose from.
PRE & POST CONVENTION CLASSES - 18th & 25th April. These are all day classes.

Organiser: Maria Mormile - Daylesford, Australia
Phone: 0407 627 427
E-mail: maria (at) glamourbodyart.com
Website: www.australianbodyartawards.com.au

Face Painting and Body Art Convention



The NZ Body Painting Festival in 2012 took place over three days. The interactive festival focused around the use of colour, extreme make-up and the art of illusion.

Dates: Friday 27 January 2012
Workshops, UV speed paint competition and UV Paint Dance Party
Saturday, Sunday 28 & 29 January; Workshops/Demonstrations & Show
Time: 10am until 4pm, preparation of art, 6pm show
Location: Great Lakes Centre, Taupo

29th January 2012 was the main day of the NZ Body Painting Festival.
A day of fun in the sun with competitions, exhibitions, activities,
stalls, face painting, glitter tattoos, music, products, trade
stalls, fire poi, bouncy castle, mask making, kite making & a Mask &
Face Painting Competition.

Eyes - ContoursFX - Dutch (Click to go to FB page)

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