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Face Painting Fun is compiling a Global Face & Body Artist directory, as a way of giving back to the face art industry. If you are a face or body artist please feel free to list your services in the directory of your country. If we do not yet have your country listed, you are welcome to submit in the global directory at the bottom of this page and we will create the countries as they are added. (once your country has some artists listed then a dedicated page, will be created)

Global Face & Body Artist Directories

usa face painting directory

Directory Face Artists USA

Canadian face artist directory

Directory Face Artists Canada

UK face artists directory

Directory Face Painters UK

Australian face artist directory

Directory Face Painters Australia

South Africa face artist directory

Directory Face Artists South Africa

New Zealand face painting directory

Directory Face Artists New Zealand

Philippines face painting directory

Directory Face Artists Philippines

face painting directory Belgium

Directory Face Artists Belgium (Kindergrime-België)

Face Painting Directory Danish (Ansigtsmalere)

Directory Face Artists Denmark (Ansigtsmalere)

maquillage artistique France

Directory Face Artists France (Maquillage Artistique)

German Flag

Directory Face Artists Germany (Kinderschminken Deutschland)

Directory Face Painters Netherland

Directory Face Artists Netherlands (Schminken Nederland)

Are you a Face Artist? Our website aims to build a global resource for the face art world. One of our goals is to build a global "face artist directory". Submission to the directory is Free and this is possible since instead of charging for the listing we have added Google adds to the submissions. This will have an advantage to the face artist of no set-up fees. People looking for an artist, should find most face and body painters listed. We plan to give preference to the accredited artist, so as to have a quality listing. People will also be able to leave comments and rate artists, so a kind of peer and customer review should emerge in time.

Global face artist directory

Listed by City, Region and Country

The plan is for the Artists to mention the Country, State/ Province/County and City/Town that they operated from. This will enable us to group the artists by area. This information would be included in the submission text once an artist submits a page. This website is not sponsored by any particular brand or shop so all are welcome to submit a free listing. The more artists that list the more weight the search engines will place on the listing and the more valuable the link from this site will be. Once the directory gets big we will include a search block to enable a visitor to quickly find and artist in their area.

Free Face Painter Directory
(Submit Here)

Are you an established artist, or up and coming Face or Body painter looking for some more on-line exposure? Do you have a great new creation of yours to share with the face art world? As long as it really is yours, Share it!
(Add a link to your site in your text description. If the link works we will add it back to your site) The advantage of this directory is that it is free for the artist to list. This Directory offers clients anywhere on the globe, a way to search and find artists in any region or city.

Directory of Listed Artists

Scan through the links to find an artist in your area then click the link....

face painting jabotabek 
Jakarta, Indonesia Face painting,adalah sebuah karya seni lukis (hand painting) yang diaplikasikan pada media wajah dan tubuh.Jika anda ingin memeriahkan …

Faces For Fun - Doha, Qatar 
Doha, Qatar Headed by Gwen Newnham, Faces For Fun are based in Doha, Qatar as well as the UK, with Fran Murray our UK painter being based in Broxbourne …

Pintacaras Facepainting Madrid Not rated yet
Madrid, Spain I am based in Madrid, but we work in all Spain. In Pintacaras Facepainting Madrid we are specialized in: - Professional …

Bazinga Parties Zurich Not rated yet
Zurich, Switzerland There is nothing quite like face-painting to bring to life a child's imagination, and as an event or kids party entertainment …

Cartoon.sg Not rated yet
Singapore We have the best face painters in Singapore. Cartoon.SG is Singapore caricature and face painting artists' studio. We entertain by …

Mrs. Cooper's KIRA KIRA Art Not rated yet
Yokosuka, Kanagawa, JAPAN I LOVE ART AND MAKING KIDS SMILE! Party is a special day for everyone! I'm a highly-qualified, professional …

Leonardo Giacomo Borgese Not rated yet
Milan, Italy My name is Leonardo Giacomo Borgese, I live and work in Milan, Italy. I am Master d 'art scene graduated from the Academy of Fine …

DICKSPAINT Face Painting dan Body Painting Jakarta Not rated yet

Face and Body painting Jakarta Not rated yet
Jakarta, Indonesia Memeriahkan suasana acara anda, face painting bisa menjadi salah satu alternatifnya. Kami menambahkan warna dan tersenyum pada …

Näomaalingud,seinamaalingud Not rated yet
Tallinn, Estonia My name is Mirjel and I have been professional face painter already 17 years. It is so magnificent to see people smile after they …

Leyla's Sunshiny Faces Not rated yet
Jerusalem, Israel Looking to add some color and fun to your party? Leyla Shemesh is a Jerusalem based artist specializing in face painting, glitter …

CB-Idee Kids-Promotion Not rated yet
Winterthur, Switzerland If you want to hire a professional face-painter, please get in touch with us. We have over 18 years experience in art-painting, …

Muse b'Art Not rated yet
182B Telok Ayer Street, Singapore Muse b'Art -Make Up Special Effects BODY ART Located in Singapore. We offer services for all …

Professional makeup Services by Dorina Forti Not rated yet
Trieste, Italy Dorina Forti is the makeup artist director of Professional Makeup Services. As an experienced makeup artist of shows, Tv, …

Kumi's Magical Brush Face Painting and Body Art Not rated yet
Okinawa, Japan The highest quality materials are used to produce high quality faces. We offer face-painting for Full, half Face Designs, cheek …

MJ's FunnyFaces Not rated yet
Portimão, Algarve, Portugal I started doing face and body painting when I moved to where I live now (Portimão, Algarve - Portugal) because I think …

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