Fabulous Face Art

by Amanda Havelin
(Dalton, GA, USA)

Cat face (Click on the smaller images to Enlarge)

Cat face (Click on the smaller images to Enlarge)

Dalton, GA, USA

Making the world fabulous, one face at a time.
Professional quality face art, body art, and stage make-up in NW Georgia, Chattanooga & Cleveland TN, and surrounding areas. Some of our clients include the Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga Down-town Partnership, the Girl Scouts Council of NW Georgia, and Ballet Dalton.

We have also entertained hundreds of satisfied patrons at area festivals and events such as Dalton's Creative Arts Guild FESTIVAL, Cleveland's Nillie Bipper Arts Festival, and the Arts & Education Council of Chattanooga's Culture Fest - just to name a few.

We use only professional cosmetics to produce Fabulous works of art. When you see your completed self in the mirror, you will feel transformed and excited! Those who might ordinarily be shy find new confidence and take pride in showing off their new look. Parents have reported back to us that children have begged to wear their creations for days, being careful not to wash them away! But of course, since we use cosmetics, they are easily removed with soap and water. :)

Book us for your next event or party. Your guests will remember how much fun they had and anticipate returning again! Festival organizers tell us that they have people asking in advance if we will be returning to their venue. And children visit us year after year in our regular locations, such as during Spring Break at the Tennesee Aquarium.


Phone 706-217-5754
Email amanda(at)fabulousfaceart.com
Facebook: Fabulous-Face-Art

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