Clown face painting (step by step)

Clown face painting is fun and in this case was painted quickly under time pressure using Kryolan face paints. Note: It is helpful to have a head band to keep the models hair of the face. Various color combinations could be used. The artist was trying out some of the UV enhanced colors which don't show up well in the photos.

Step 1

Start by choosing a bright red for the enlarged smiling lips and paint in this area. Then also choose a bright color for the nose and enhance the nose.

smiling clown face painting step 1

Step 2

Step 2 is with white or a similar light color, do a "cartoon style" outline of the eyes and lips, plus add a highlight to the nose tip.

smiling clown face painting step 2

Step 3

smiling clown face painting step 3

Fill in the area above the eyes with a bright colour, (in this case purple), and add a star to the cheek.

Step 4

smiling clown face painting step 4

Add the black or dark lines below and to the side of the eyes, plus finish of the cheek star and highlight with glitter. Please note: only use face paint grade glitter, and not normal craft glitter!

Smiling Clown Face

Smiling clown face painting

Clown face painting (click here to see more)

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