Cath Face Painting - Cath Makeup Studio

by Cath Bilien
(Bretagne, France)

Butterfly (Click on smaller images to Enlarge)

Butterfly (Click on smaller images to Enlarge)

Bretagne, France
For the love of children, Cath Face Painting is born, another wonderful form of art dedicated to the young ones and young at heart. My name is Cath Bilien and I started as a beauty make-up artist, adding face painting is something I didn't regret because the joy face painting gives to children is priceless.

My goal is to share happiness, give smiles, giggles and spread joy to every child's heart. I'm passionate about people and make-up. I work freelance and my humble studio, Cath Makeup Studio is based in Brittany, France or in French we say Bretagne, France.


Phone: +336 58 49 83 11

Email: cathfacepainting(at)


Instagram: cathfacepainting


Cath Makeup Studio, 29900, Concarneau, France

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