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I recently emailed a customer, to find out if she was happy with her recent purchase. I mailed Tina and asked her what she thought of the E-book, she had purchased.
This was the email response I got:

"Thanks Andrew!

I actually already have Philadelphia's book and like it as well. Lilly's ebook is very good. I find that it feels like a friend is sitting down with me to talk to me about this business and giving me insight into tips and tricks that work. I really like it a lot and I like your site a lot too.

The one thing I felt your site lacked is something about YOU! I searched and searched the other night to find something about you, but nothing. Your site is wonderful and has such a great assortment of information. I wanted to "see" and read about the site creator!

Are you a face painter?

Will you be in Orlando this month?

Great to hear from you and thanks for reaching out.


Tina "

Wow, well that was a surprise that someone would be that interested in the website creator...so, I decided it was time to share something about the creative process behind my website.
This was my reply:

"Hi Tina

Thanks for the kind feedback...

About me...Well it's a rather long story, but shortly, my wife and daughter are face painters, and I was looking for an idea and niche to test a website building system. So not knowing a huge amount about face painting I decided to research the topic. Wow, what a fun bunch of people and mostly friendly and helpful. I started to really get into it, and enjoy putting all the info together.

You are right though I should put some details about me and my face painting family on my site. :-) I will let you know once it's done.

All the best with your face painting business and remember, you can register your business for free on my site here in the USA directory: directory of face painters USA

Kind Regards Andrew"


build your own website

My name is Andrew Facepainting and when I started to create www.face-painting-fun.com , it was really started as a test of a web site building system. I started knowing the basics of face painting from my wife Peta and daughter Jubilee. I was intimidated by the fact that many of the face painting sites had owners who were face painting celebrities. Well one thing I know about the internet, (and internet search) is that there is no question that does not have an answer!

I decided to embark on a face painting journey while learning to build my own website. Wow what a ride! The best part about it, for me, was that the Face Art community is generally quite friendly and helpful. I had a positive response, from so many artists, that it inspired me to keep going. The more I dug into the topic, the more amazed and excited I became. I studied art at a private school, (up to grade 12) so I have an appreciation of fine art, and the creative genius, of many of the face artists. I also think I have a bit of a wicked sense of humor, and so much of the art, I found was really poking fun at many parts of life.


Peta build yor own website

My wife Peta is a face painter who has painted (as a paid artist) and as a volunteer. She is passionate about her art, of various forms. She first discovered face painting, when we owned a national franchise that rented out kids bouncy castles. We discovered that face painting was a great "add on" for a kids party rental business. In the beginning she started with cheap paints, but soon discovered the joys of using professional grade products. She has always had a huge heart to give, and what a wonderful way to give,(to charities and schools), by offering to face paint, for kids. "Heart" is the word, as she will find heart shaped stones, clouds and pebbles, wherever she goes. We have recently decided to build another site, and she plans to build a new website to explore some of her many passions and talents.

Jubilant Faces

Jubilant faces

Jubilee has a natural artistic flair. Whether it be painting on faces, or canvas. In, drama and dance, photography and sketching she loves it all, and she is always keen to pick up a paint brush, when an idea strikes. I think you will hear a lot more from this artist in the years to come. She too is itching to get going on her own website, however the pressures of studies at this stage, make finding the time to build her own website, a challenge. In the meantime she has started marketing her face art on FaceBook at the following page: JubilantFaces


Margo is building her own SBI site

Margo was the first friend of mine to see the potential of building her own website through the system I discovered. I have been amazed at how quickly she has been building her site, and she has mastered the vast amounts of tools and new concepts that one has to, get to grips with, while building a web based business. Her site www.diy-stress-relief.com has many pages, of quality content. Traffic to the site is steadily growing month by month.

Get Organized

Another friend of mine has started a website that helps people Get Organized....

It deals with being organized in your life, and how to create an organized home. Plus how to set smart goals by adopting specific goal setting strategies. He shares tips from famous entrepreneurs who have had a positive influence in the world and he shares their pearls of wisdom.

Check out the site at: www.how-to-be-organized.com

The Lessons I have Learned (the hard way)

"There is no free lunch" The first website I built I did on the cheap...I made so many classic mistakes and learned a number of hard lessons.

1) Anyone can knock up a Free Website with Free Hosting that looks reasonable, but no-one will guarantee you traffic to the website.
2) A "free" site has no traffic and is thus not going to bring you any new business! On the other hand this may well work for you to start with if you only need a "Brochure Site"
3) To get traffic to a site like this, one is forced to PAY for traffic with products like Adwords. (that no longer makes the site free) Also even if you can, pay per click, for lots of traffic, eventually you will hit the bandwidth limit of the free website hosting company and they will start to charge you as well.
4) Another option is to pay a "professional" web designer. They are a dime a dozen and charge a small fortune to build a normally great "looking" site, but again no guarantees of traffic, unless they create an Adwords campaign for you. (my experience in this, is that mostly they make a mess of it)
5) Every change you want to make on a paid site costs you. Firstly it costs and second they don't do it how you want it, plus the time taken to make changes is frustrating.
6) Search engines are very complex animals and constantly changing, to stop SEO (search engine optimization) tricksters from trying to fool them.
7) The bottom line is that to create a website that really does what you want you either have to pay professionals vast sums of money and loose control of the site yourself, or you have to be skilled in about a hundred different, (and constantly changing skills) to try to keep up with the internet.
8) The last option, I stumbled upon is the coolest way to get traffic to your site
9) A vast team of web professionals have created an entire package that covers every aspect of creating your own website. From site idea, to domain registration, domain hosting. A vast array of self learning and building tools that help one craft a killer website! (killer in that it looks reasonable and brings lots of traffic)
10) The package is also cheap when you compare apples with apples.
11) I don't know of any other system, webhost or package that offers proof of hundreds of successful webmaster owners. Most of whom are NOT "web professionals" but work at home moms, retirees, dad's building sideline incomes, and a host of normal folk who have stumbled upon, an awesome way to outperform many very expensive and professional sites.

(I can hear you saying)...Surely I don't need a "Ferrari type product" like this just to build a small website for a small work from home business like Face Painting?

On the other hand if you want to keep busy (with tons of bookings) in difficult financial times like we are now "facing" (excuse the pun) then a Solo Build It site is the only way I know to guarantee success. Whats more if you are unhappy or disappointed with your purchase you can get a refund. There is nothing to loose except lots of wasted time investing in a "free" website that goes nowhere. Have a look at the following Video to learn more about the Best Website Building solution I have found that really does work.

"Turn your Passion into a Business, and your Business into your Passion"

I recently read the story of Alicia, a struggling Divorcée, with 3 kids, that really touched me. She tells the story of how she managed to raise herself out of a very difficult situation and achieve one of her life's dreams. Solo Build It helps people from all walks of life.

Read Alecia's story at www.fun-frugal-mom-survival-tips.com
Another great site to learn to various art disciplines is:

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