Bratz step by step face painting

Bratz doll parties are very popular for girls these days, so to be able to face paint a Bratz doll we have a helpful set of 5 photos to take you through each of the stages in painting the face.


Step 1

To start with use a sponge to create an overal base color for the effect needed. In this series of photos Kryolan paints were used.

bratz face painting step 1

Step 2

Start by filling in the main feature lines of the eye-brows, eyes and lips.

bratz face painting step 2

Step 3

Choose the color you want for the lips and eyes and fill in these areas with color.

bratz face painting step 3

Step 4

Make the final touch-ups and finish of filling and high-lights.

bratz face painting step 4

Final Finished Face

Here is the completed face, great for a Bratz party.

Bratz doll face complete

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