Award Winning Face Paintings

Here you can find the current award winning face paintings and their incredible artists, who have been standing out in the face and body art conventions, as well as festivals.  

Lori's Award Winning Face Painting

Lori's Creations

Award Winning Examples

Face and Body International Convention

Since 2001, the Face and Body Art International Convention “FABAIC”, (headed by renowned artist Marcela Murad), has been recognized as the original and premier event for the Face and Body Art community. Offering various levels of training, plus marketing and product exposure.

For more information on FABIAC or to view the fantastic gallery from their previous years, have a click on these links.




World Bodypainting Festival

Another place to find some of the world's best face and body talent is at the World Facepainting Awards, WBF, where artist from all over the world come together to compete for the highly acclaimed recognition of the WBF Award.

There have been some of the most spectacular examples of elite face and body artists, of which the Matteo Arfanotti from Italy, took First place at World Facepainting Award, 2013 in Pörtschach, Austria.  Second came Nadja Hluchovsky from Austria, and Third place was awarded to Claudia Kraema from Germany.

For more information on this, have a click on this link.


WBF 2013

Face Painting Association

The Face Painting Association,FACE, was established in 1995.  The goal here was to have a place where a community of face painters could come together to share their problems and ideas, and ask the each other questions in order to improve their own quality and standards for face painting.  FACE endeavours to maintain a high standard and therefor only allow members who have passed a certification test.  This helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the set standards of speed and competence.

So, if you are looking to swim with the big fish, then it would be in your best interest to visit face and body painting conventions, as well as competing in the well known competitions.  Establishing yourself this way, your name will soon be added to the award winning face painting list.

Award Winning Face Paintings - Credits




Lori's Creations

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