Art On You by Time Honored Designs

by Naomi Smith
(Vancouver, WA, USA)

Belly Art (Click on smaller images to enlarge)

Belly Art (Click on smaller images to enlarge)

Vancouver, WA, USA

For nearly a decade, Vancouver, Washington and Portland Metro area has known Time Honored Designs as the place for the ultimate in painted face or body decorations. We offer superior service and a skill set like no other. Since 2001, our "Art ON You" services have been creating smiles throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Our expert staff is unmatched and has helped Time Honored Designs earn our reputation. Established in 2001, Time Honored Designs delivers time and time again, above and beyond the expectations of our clients.

By featuring exotic and endangered animals, we have developed a program designed to educated and entertain audiences with our talents. See our educational program

The Owner of Time Honored Designs, Naomi Smith is an internationally awarded face and body artist. Her work has been used in motion pictures such as: "Death Chocolate and Taxes" and "Crowely".


Phone: 360-258-1395
Email: TimeHonoredDesigns(at)
Facebook: timehonoreddesigns

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