A Touch of Magic Entertainment

by Lori Hurley
(St Paul, MN, USA)

Face Painting (Click on the smaller images to enlarge)

Face Painting (Click on the smaller images to enlarge)

St Paul, MN, USA

With 20+ years of experience at providing entertainment to over 300 events each year, A Touch of Magic has everything you need to ensure that your guests receive exceptional attention and quality entertainment!

When you hire A Touch of Magic to provide your Face Painting…

* Your event patrons will be thrilled that they aren’t spending all afternoon waiting in line, since we have some of the fastest artists in the Twin Cities!

* Your group will love the creative variety of choices…full face, partial face, cheeks & hands, suitable for all ages and genders.

* Adults and children alike will be enchanted at the dynamic personalities of our artists! As much as we like face painting, we never forget that we are entertainers as well!

* YOU will look like a hero for bringing the Twin Cities’ most popular entertainment company to your event!!

And, let’s face it, the children and teens will probably not appreciate that we only use FDA compliant/cosmetic grade face paints and a more hygienic practice than most face painters out there…but YOU will! They may not recognize the value in working with a company which carries liability insurance…but YOU will! And they may not realize that of all of the things you’ll spend money on for your event, your entertainment will be the single-most-talked-about activity at the event…but YOU will!

We are a family owned and operated full-service entertainment company run by professional entertainers. Founded in 1986, A Touch of Magic, Inc. is located in St. Paul, Minnesota, the Twin Cities, with entertainers/artists who are nationally renowned in addition to being local favorites. What started as a small project to fund a college education, has grown into a lifelong passion and desire to bring joy & laughter to our clients! Maybe that’s why we’ve been named “Best Entertainment” in the Twin Cities over and over again. We'd love to bring fun and laughter to your special event.


Website: www.atouchofmagicentertainment.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ATouchofMagicmn

Email: lori(at)atouchofmagicentertainment.com

Phone: 651.748.9442


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