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UV face painted by Lorna Strachan UV face painted by Jax UV face painting by Jax
UV face paint: In the face and body painting world it seems that UV and luminous face paint products uv, are controversial. It seems that there are various opinions on the safety of the products. Gary Cole from Snazaroo has posted his opinion on the matter in his FAQ answering the question of whether these products are safe. The subject is covered in the above link at length.

According to Gary Cole, of Snazaroo "The only FDA compliant UV paints for skin is Snazaroo. All other brands have a UV but it is not FDA compliant because of the pigments they use."

According to the FDA (The Food and Drug administration of USA) you SHOULD NOT USE THEM ON SKIN. There are however many products on the market and equally many people who use them, that don't have a problem with them. I suppose its all a matter of amount of usage and relative danger.
The chances of using such products often is in most cases pretty rare. The other point is that people using such products in clubs and raves are "exposed" (no pun intended)to far greater risks from the clubs and environment that they find themselves in. Considering all this there is quite an array of different products available. The UV Face paint designs of faces and bodies painted with these products create some amazing and different effects.

UV face painting UV glowing body art uv body art ybody

See Through UV Ink

uv face and body ink see through

Have a look at these images below to see with UV backlight and without UV back light from the website with uv face paint on www.starlight.com

uv normal light before uv backlight after

With see through UV ink and then with a backlight.

Semi-permanent UV Hair Colour

Stargazer has 4 new UV shades of hair colours. These are applied and work in the same way as the standard colours but are even more vibrant and bright.

UV shade hair colours

Kryolan Ultra Bright Blacklight Reactive Lipstick

Kryolan Fluorescent Lipstick glow brilliantly under black light and is designed for black light makeup effects. It can be used on the hair or skin for fine detail body artwork.

Kryolan Ultra Bright Blacklight Reactive Lipstick
The colors available:
Brilliant Yellow
Bright Orange
Bright Green
Hot Pink
Deep Violet
Deep Blue
Bright Red

Kryolan is NOT your typical cheap novelty store garbage. This is what Hollywood uses for make up special effects. Kryolan is a well known name and is used by many professional make up artists. It glides on smooth soft and adheres to lips and skin very well. The bright vibrant colors can't be missed during the day and especially under blacklight!

UV Face and Body Paint

Small tubes of various colours of uv face paint, to be use for special effects, which also glow under uv light. Using a fine brush you can decorate your face or body with any designs or body art. There are also gold and silver that have a metallic sheen when applied to the skin. These colours are easily removed with water.

stargazer uv face and body paint

Kryolan uv body wash paint Kryolan uv body paint uv body painting by Mark Grunewald

Glow in the Dark Games

Here is a great website for Glow in the Dark Party ideas.

A great idea to add to your UV face painting, is to include a party theme and games in the evening? These glow in the dark games are great for all ages. They bring excitement and fun for the whole family. You can play them at different parties including:

A Sleep Over Party
Beach Party
Hawaiian Luau Party
Boys Camo Party

Buy UV Face & Body paint from our Shop

Freaky Contact Lenses

Another great party idea that can supplement a UV party is to order Freaky Contact lenses for all your guests. They come in many zany designs and types from Cats to scary Horror eyes. Check them out by clicking on this graphic:

300x250: Lens.com Halloween Animated

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